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Transportation costs will be charged for all order <1500 €

Our prices are EXW La Rochelle, in € and excluding VAT


BANK TRANSFER : 50% at the receipt of the proforma invoice and the balance when the
goods are ready to be delivered


Registered company with capital of 700.100 €
RC La Rochelle B 798 780 433

ADRESS Z.A.C. de Belle Aire Nord
Rue Lavoisier - BP 16
TELEPHONE (33) 5 46 44 16 95 ou (33) 5 46 44 40 66
FAX (33) 5 46 44 80 96

Our conditions are the same as the profession. Our goods are sold and approved EXW payable from La Rochelle .

Banker's draft or bank transfer are not a dispensation for this clause. Even on case of agreed free delivery, goods are transported at buyer's risk. Any complaint, in order to be accepted, should have been written within 8 days after the goods receipt. Incase of dispute, only the Commercial Court of La Rochelle has juridiction, even incase of using of guarentee or plural defenders.

We are reserving the right, at any moment, to modify our models, without any prior noticings. Our catalogues, leaflets... are only pieces of information and should not be considered as fixed offers.
All our items have copyright and are under French law of intellectual property.

The printed prices in our price lists are given for information. With the exception of special agreements, there are applicable until the delivery day. The contracts, which can be negociated with our agents, become final only after AG. PRODUCTS' agreement.

Delivery times are given for only information, an evantual delay cannot give right to any compensation or refusal of reception of goods, or special delivery at our charge, except special agreement with our company.

Incase of nonpayment of invoice within the agreed time, the buyer, after having been noticed by registered letter, must pay a fixed price equal to 10% of the invoice's amount. This notice to pay will be sufficient to accrue interest at the legal rate.
Ownership reservation clause : the delivered goods remain the property of AG PRODUCTS until the full payment (decree of French law n°80.335 of 12/05/80).

The European standard NF D 62-010 relative to minimal charateristics of the furniture indicates that glass slabs for tables which are not supported arround their full perimeter must be tempered. All the slab of glass we are using for our coffee tables, dining tables, consoles or desks are tempered. Taking into account this notice, our responsability cannot be engaged incase of accident.


For acrylic we would like you to read the following instructions :
- Never use dry cleaning
- Never use any kind of alcohol cleaning product
- Only use a sweet cleaning product or soapy water

we are recommending the 2 professional products
- ALTUNET (cleaning) : the flask of 600 ml 18 €
- ALTUPOL (polishing for small scratches) : the flask of 250 ml 20 €

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